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World Polio Day Celebration

Pokhara based Rotary clubs and their sister clubs (IWs & Rotaract) celebrated World Polio Day (October 24, 2019) jointly by organizing awareness rally from B.P. Chowk, Chipledhunga to Sabhagriha Chowk. More than a hundred of participants marched with banners and placards and hundreds of leaflets on polio information were distributed among the public.

All the clubs under the coordination of RC Pokhara Midtown jointly organized the program. In order to make the program structured and well organized, Rtn. Gopal Dhoju, President of RC Pokhara provided the instructions to participants before the rally started. Similarly, Rtn. Prof. Binod P Heyojoo, President of RC Pokhara Midtown, on behalf of the organizers expressed sincere thanks to all participants and sponsors of the program at the end. All the expenses of the program was sponsored by AG duo Rtn. Meenu Kunwar Shrestha & AG Rtn. Tej Nath Neupane.

World Polio Day

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