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BIG Thanks for Your Generosity becoming PHF & PHF+

RC Pokhara Midtown is not only in forefront for fellowship and service activities. It is equally forward with its kindhearted members for GIVINGs. This year too, 10 Rotarians have contributed to TRF through PHF and PHF+ recognition. Those Rotarians include Rtn. Binod Prasad Heyojoo, PP Rtn. Ratnaman Gurung, PP Rtn. Budha Dev Giri, PP Rtn. Bijaya Laxmi Koirala, PP Rtn. Puran Konwar, Rtn. Parag Kayastha, Rtn. Dr. Ananda Shrestha, Rtn. Surya Narayan Baral, Rtn. Sangita Timilsina, Rtn. Dasarath Sunar.

Out of those members, PP Rtn. Ratnaman Gurung and PP Rtn. Bijaya Laxmi Koirala have continued their recognition this year  and club records reveal that the duo are TOP givers to  the TRF among male and female members respectively. Huge Congratulation to  both of you!

RC Pokhara Midtown salutes and feel proud to have such members in the club.

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