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Rotary club of Pokhara Midtown is the second rotary club at Pokhara under District 3292. This club was chartered by GSR Rtn. Vinod Chandra Baral, Charter President of RC Pokhara on 18 December, 2002 under District 3290 with total 29 members under Dr. BR Joshi as charter president and Rtn. Keshab Pd. Acharya as charter secretary. Rtn. Jaya Mohan Bhattrai is leading the club as a president for rotary year 2019-20.

RC Pokhara Midtown is one of the most active and pioneer club with highest female number in the district. Since its birth, the club has been doing remarkable community services under the profound leadership of past presidents.

RC Pokhara Midtown has chartered three rotary clubs i.e. RC Baglung on 11 October 2006, RC Parbat on 14 May 2010 and RC Pokhara Fishtail (Jointly with RC Pokhara) on 22 October 2003 respectively.

The family of RC Pokhara Midtown grew further after establishing Rotoract Club of Pokhara Midtown on 6 February 2004, Interact Club of Paramount Midtown on   year 2014 and Interact Club of Jyotikunj Midtown on year 2014.  Rotary Community Corps at Talbeshi, Rupa Municipality on year   2014.


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